The Shallow Waters Are Where the Fun Happens!

When We Get Back In

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We will be more than ready to get back in our waters.  For now, let's take the time we have to focus on how "just jump back in" could be replaced with "what do I want my water to look like" so our families see we've grown too.

Time out of the water and away from our swim families is hard (emotionally, financially, etc.)....but extra time with our own families, and time to dream forward, is a wonderful blessing.  When we do get back to work - how can we strive to embrace the new treasures we discovered?  

Is it a new look for our pool? an emphasis on togetherness?  a new respect for hygiene and making everything sparkle?  Whatever it is, make sure it meets your dream standard and your swim families recognize, immediately, that you know there is no such thing as "business as usual".

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